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Evil Dead – The Musical

Made my way to the Riffe Center, Studio 2 to see a production containing two things near and dear to my heart; zombies and anything to do with H. P. Lovecraft. Being a fan of the Evil Dead movie series, I was skeptical that anyone could make a respectable production, a MUSICAL no less, out […]

Anti-Zombie Fortress

Thanks to my friend Betsy for the link to Know Your Meme re: the Anti-Zombie Fortress in Japan. Hopefully with all of their problems recently, a zombie outbreak isn’t imminent anytime soon (plus any reader of this site already knows that patient zero is Jeff Hanneman of Slayer). Anyhow, enjoy

Gary Holt Filling In With Slayer – Because Of Zombie Infestation – The linked article off KNAC was just too good not to comment on here. First off, how very cool that Gary Holt [Exodus] is filling in for Jeff Hanneman while Slayer continues on tour in Australia. Holt is an awesome guitarist, only wish I could see him tackle the Slaytanic catalog in person. […]

$70 Zombie Film Causes Stir at Cannes – Saw this article on CNN & thought it worth sharing. Director Marc Price has had unexpected attention over his new film ‘Colin’, which was reportedly shot on a budget of about $70 (!!). Yeah, that’s 7 with one zero behind it. Interesting tale but truth be told, not just anyone could accomplish this […]

Zombie Pin-ups

Sometimes, there really ain’t much going on that I want to talk about. It doesn’t happen often, but on rare occasion, it does happen. Today was one of those days. So when the Blog Muse is being shy [translation – I’m out of beer], I like to play a little game designed to get the […]

Zombie Garden Sculpture

Got this link from Neil Gaiman on Twitter & thought it was worth passing along – you know how much I love zombies! It’s a sculpture for your garden, which reminds me of something I’ve thought about doing on Halloween for several years. Always thought it would be cool to have a bunch of reanimated […]

Street Signs Hacked to Warn of Zombies

Information Week – A somewhat humorous series of ‘hacks’ have been happening to electronic road signs in Texas & Illinois where unwary motorists are being warned of zombie attacks and raptors.   Kids these days! The linked article goes on to discuss the more serious repercussions of these pranks.   I, on the other hand, just […]


As kind of a follow-up to yesterday’s post, I found that the same parent company ( has a faux sign-up page for a zombie dating service – Zombieharmony.  Mingle2 is a real dating site, so it’s good to see they take a sense of humor with themselves. My favorite candidate is ‘Hungry Barbara’ whose interests […]

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