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Gary Holt Filling In With Slayer – Because Of Zombie Infestation – The linked article off KNAC was just too good not to comment on here. First off, how very cool that Gary Holt [Exodus] is filling in for Jeff Hanneman while Slayer continues on tour in Australia. Holt is an awesome guitarist, only wish I could see him tackle the Slaytanic catalog in person. […]

Anthrax-Megadeth-Slayer, LC Pavilion, 10/10/10

You may recall back on June 22, the world watched with envy while Sofia, Bulgaria was treated to a visit from the Sonisphere Festival, a tour that was generating a huge buzz for featuring the first time ever that the Big Four – Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax & Slayer – shared the same stage. In fact, […]

Today Is International Day Of Slayer – Yep, in case you were not aware – today is the fourth annual International Day Of Slayer. What does this mean? Well, stuff is on sale at (blah blah text 666 from your cellphone for 10% off etc.) so check that out if you’re so inclined. Otherwise, I suggest blasting a little […]

Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer & Anthrax to Perform Together For First Time EVER – “Been busy, but better update the blog. Let’s see, what’s in the news. HOLY CRAP!!!!” That’s how this evening started for me, kiddies. Because over at the link, I see that roughly 3 hours ago KNAC announced that the Big 4 are scheduled to perform together. . . on the same stage, on […]

Slayer – Playing With Dolls – In anticipation of the new Slayer album ‘World Painted Blood’, the band has released a trailer for the bonus DVD to accompany the deluxe edition of the CD. This 20 minute, 12 part video graphic novel (12 parts in 20 minutes – talk about A.D.D.!?) is directed by Metalocalypse director Mark Brooks. Check […]

New Slayer Album Coming July 7th But What a Tour! – So it has been confirmed that Slayer’s yet untitled new opus will be released here in the States on July 7th. Click the link for all the details as they are known up to this point. More interestingly to me though is their new tour, which even more amazingly features a second go-round […]

Tom Araya on New Metallica Album & Obama – Hate to just link to another site, but this interview with Slayer’s Tom Araya on is just too good to pass up – and paraphrasing will lessen the impact. Just go check it. Hint: He has some unexpected (and fairly straight from the hip) comments about both title subjects. Meanwhile I’m gonna […]

You Too Can Have A Merry “Slayer” Xmas

Just got a spam email from Slayer’s Official store, and noticed something I thought I’d never see.  You can now order your very own Slayer . . . Christmas ornament.  I’m not making this up. Guaranteed to get you a lump of coal in your stocking. Ok, I made the last part up. If you […]

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