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The Incomparable Rob Zombie

Totally stealing this story from a Mr. Jason Spruill, who posted on Facebook the following story in response to a question from Live Nation about “Most Memorable Concert Experience”. I’ll let Mr. Spruill say it in his own words; Rob ZOMBIE sayin at MAYHEM in OKC 81410 were goin to get fined 2500 for every […]

Rock On The Range – 5-23-2010

Attended Day 2 of Rock On The Range last Sunday at Crew stadium here in wonderful Columbus, Ohio. This is the event’s fourth year but only the first time I’ve ever been able to attend. I gotta say – it’s a “must go” from here on out! 2 Days, 38 bands plus a ton of […]

Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper To Tour – Sorry for being away so long.  Work is long, computer virii ain’t fun, [insert excuse du jour here].  Whatever, I’m back.  Rejoice! And speaking of rejoicing, saw today that one of my ‘dream concert’ pairings is actually gonna happen – Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper. I know what you’re thinking.  “Rev, didn’t you […]

If Rob Zombie Had Adapted ‘Where The Wild Things Are’

Kinda Funny. . . and in keeping with a recent topic. G4 gives us an answer to that age old question – “hey, what if Rob Zombie had adapted Where The Wild Things Are?”. Enjoy.

Rob Zombie – LC Pavilion, Columbus Ohio – 11/25/2009

Per my previous post, I almost didn’t make this show but decided the day before to go for it.  I’m glad I did as Zombie put on yet another visually stunning, ass-kicking concert experience.  What with his success in the movies and rumors that Ozzy is trying to woo John 5 into replacing Zak Wylde, […]

And in the final moments. . .I went Zombie

So for weeks I’ve been stewing over the fact that Rob Zombie is coming here, and I NEVER miss a show if I can help it. Not since the White Zombie days. Hell, I met him and Kitty Moon before she was Kitty Moon-Zombie. I’m convinced he did a song on the X-Files soundtrack LOOOONNNNGGGG […]

Rob Zombie to Direct Halloween 2!

Per Zombie’s official Myspace page about an hour ago, he WILL direct the sequel – tentatively titled H2. Check out the poster below;

Music Review: Rob Zombie – Zombie Live [Geffen]

At long last we FINALLY have a live CD from Rob Zombie – after all, he’s only been at this band stuff for 20 years or so.  No rush there, Rob. Originally this was announced as being a CD/DVD combo – which made sense because there’s nothing like seeing a Zombie concert.  The live shows are pure legend with […]

Rock of Love: Good thing it wasn’t Rob Zombie, Axel or Phil

So, I’m hiding out upstairs because the wife and kids are watching the “Rock of Love” reunion show downstairs.  Not that I have anything against Bret Michaels, or horny tattooed chicks in general.  Hell, I’ve actually seen Lacey’s band Nocturne in concert, but didn’t recall until I was reminded the other day. But what I CAN’T stand […]

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