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Grolsch Introduces Iphone App To Test Drunkiness

Ad Age – Not sure if you had more than enough to drink? Now you can test yourself (sorta. . .kinda) with a new Iphone app being marketed by Dutch brewers Grolsch. Isn’t their company name kind of it’s own sobriety test? But I digress. . . Follow the link above to learn about the […]

Just What the World Needed: Iboobs

Gizmodo – From the “Pointless Iphone Apps Department” we have the unofficial release – Iboobs.  It’s exactly as bad as it sounds; a pair of breasts in a bikini top jiggle as you move the iphone.  TA DA!  Technology at it’s finest.  Follow the link to check it out for yourself. And yeah, I may […]

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