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Insert Yourself Into The Terror

You may have noticed I’m fond of the various promo sites that let you upload a pic of yourself into the video. Found another one, this time Halloween themed. It’s sponsored by Fox Video & promotes several of their creepier DVD titles. The site is in case you want to try this yourself. I […]

Horror Movies That Made It to Five (Sequels, That Is) – Found a somewhat funny slide show on recounting Horror movie franchises that made it to at least 5 films in the series (in honor of Saw V coming out, no doubt). Some of these should never have made it past. . . oh, ONE (I’m looking right at you, creators of ‘Chucky’). […]

Horror Fan Buys One Entire Showing For Movie – So a man in Bangalore, India bought every seat to a showing of the movie ‘Phoonk’ to disprove the director’s claims that no one could sit through the entire film alone.  Yes, he survived (DUH!). And while I admire the “shut the hell up” attitude of the fan, I can’t help thinking how sad is […]

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