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Coming To Skatopia

Whatcha  doin’ Saturday, June 26th?  If you’re me, you’re butt deep in hippies at Columbus’ Comfest, chugging beers and watching local acts on 5 stages. HOWEVER, if you’re not me (as most of you aren’t) AND you are within driving/flying/teleporting distance of Rutland Ohio (in scenic & fragrant Meigs County), you could catch a show […]

GWAR – Wish You Were Here

Remember how I had to miss GWAR ’cause of my Cancun trip. Yeah, well my friends at Shockhound have decided to rub it in by offering me this tidbit of Oderus Urungus talking to (and mocking) the crowd at the San Diego Comic-con. How many pissed pants after this footage, no one knows for certain. […]

GWAR – Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH 10/26/08

As you may have heard me say before, it’s not Halloween in my book until I see The Misfits and/or GWAR in concert. This year, I was fortunate to see both in October. Toxic Holocaust started off the ‘Electile Dysfunction’ show, basically walking onto stage, plugging in & going for it. Ya’ gotta love a […]

Viva La Band – LC Pavilion, Columbus OH 10/26/07

This tour was constructed using bands featured and favored by Bam Margera on his show ‘Viva La Bam’ and sponsored by Rockstar Energy drink.  The roster consisted of Cradle of Filth, GWAR, CKY and Vains of Jenna, although by this date CKY had had to drop off the tour due to “serious injury”.  All in all, […]

Y’know it’s Halloween. . . ’cause GWAR is in town!

Going to the Viva La Band show tonight featuring Cradle of Filth and GWAR.  I’ll put a review (provided I can remember anything tomorrow) later this weekend.  Bring on da’ blood!

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