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Axl Rose on Why He Still Uses the Guns N’ Roses Name. -Very lengthy post copied on Blabbermouth, originally posted on, where Mr. Rose himself responds to several fan questions – most specifically centering around his continued use of the G N’ R name while being the only remaining original member.  Not gonna cut/paste it here, you really should check out the whole thing at […]

Dr. Pepper & Axl Rose – Part 2: Now It Gets Ugly

I wrote a nifty little post a while back, discussing that Dr. Pepper had issued a statement saying they would in fact honor the offer to give everyone in America a free Dr. Pepper if Guns N’ Roses’ “Chinese Democracy” was released in 2008. Of course, it was and they did. . . sorta. To […]

Dr. Pepper WILL Honor Its Guns N’ Roses Promise – With the tentative drop date of Sunday, November 23, 2008 for the release (FINALLY) of Guns N’ Roses “Chinese Democracy” cd, Dr. Pepper VP of Marketing Tony Jacobs is saying the company will honor it’s promise to give a free Dr. Pepper to every person in America (except Slash & Buckethead). Click the […]

Titans on the Horizon – 3 (Possibly 4) MAJOR Major Label Releases Due This Fall

My readership is a pretty Metal savy group (of course!) but in case you were not aware, there are THREE major releases in the upcoming month or so.   Four if you count Slipknot’s “All Hope is Lost” CD which dropped just yesterday.  The other biggies are; Sept. 12th – Metallica “Death Magnetic” Oct. 20th – […]

Signs of the Apocalypse #174 – ‘Chinese Democracy’ May be Released Free, & Include a Dr. Pepper.

Gonna keep it short tonight as I was home from work sick all day.  I feel like crap – and it’s seriously cutting into my beer consumption, dammit! has an article about Guns N’ Roses 17 years in the making opus “Chinese Democracy”, and how it might actually be released. . .Free. And then it […]

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