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Coming To Skatopia

Whatcha  doin’ Saturday, June 26th?  If you’re me, you’re butt deep in hippies at Columbus’ Comfest, chugging beers and watching local acts on 5 stages. HOWEVER, if you’re not me (as most of you aren’t) AND you are within driving/flying/teleporting distance of Rutland Ohio (in scenic & fragrant Meigs County), you could catch a show […]

Concert Review: Parental Advisory Tour

Folks – there are shows and then there are shows.  $10 to see SIX bands at the legendary Alrosa Villa – It just doesn’t get any better than that.  Here’s how it shook out; First up were two local bands that have some history together (member shifts, that sorta thing) – Dark War & Slaves […]

GREEN JELLŸ Have reunited. Be Afraid. . .

Yes indeedy, another little morsel from those folks in the know over at Apparently comedic metal phenomenon Green Jelly (or Jello for those who remember) have reformed and are touring. Not to my hometown – but they’re touring nonetheless! You may recall they had a MTV hit with “The Three Little Pigs?”  Who knew that […]

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