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Christmas Under the Sea Tour – The Basement, Columbus Ohio 11/30/07

This was an indie rock show so if you’re one of my devoted metalhead readers, keep that in mind as you read below.  The show consisted of 4 varied acts all which fall under the vague heading of ‘alternative’ – what we used to call ‘college rock’ back in the day. First up was Deas Vail, a very […]

Music Review: Edison Glass – Time is Fiction [Credential]

Deviating from my norm a lot this time by listening to the sophmore full release from indie rockers Edison Glass.  Named after a fictional collaboration between Thomas Edison (more cowbell?) and Phillip Glass, this foursome from Long Island consists of brothers Joe (drums) and Josh “Mountain” (vocals/bass) Morin, Joshua Silverberg (vocals/guitar) and James Usher (guitar), and produces tight […]

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