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Anthrax-Megadeth-Slayer, LC Pavilion, 10/10/10

You may recall back on June 22, the world watched with envy while Sofia, Bulgaria was treated to a visit from the Sonisphere Festival, a tour that was generating a huge buzz for featuring the first time ever that the Big Four – Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax & Slayer – shared the same stage. In fact, […]

Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer & Anthrax to Perform Together For First Time EVER – “Been busy, but better update the blog. Let’s see, what’s in the news. HOLY CRAP!!!!” That’s how this evening started for me, kiddies. Because over at the link, I see that roughly 3 hours ago KNAC announced that the Big 4 are scheduled to perform together. . . on the same stage, on […]

Anthrax W/Chuck D Playing Unplugged ‘Bring The Noise’ – Interesting clip posted at the link, showing tourbus footage of Anthrax and Public Enemy’s Chuck D playing an acoustic version of ‘Bring the Noise’.  Not saying it’s great sound quality or the most explosive video footage I’ve ever seen, but it is interesting for a little behind the scene glimpse into the lives […]

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