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Rock On The Range Day 2 (Sunday, May 22nd 2011)

Actually, this was the third day of rock n’ roll goodness, but it was the second ‘official’ day of the festival. If you’ve been following along, you already have that figured out.  Anyhow, here’s the highlights of the rainier, muddier second day; Saving Abel – Get the ‘Show Must Go On’ award for lead singer […]

All That Remains On Japanese Earthquake

All That Remains have sent out a press release concerning their experiences in Japan this past week, and I think it’s an interesting account of what they saw (and FELT). The YouTube clip below is Phil Labonte talking on CNN about the event. Here’s praying for the people of Sendai and elsewhere in Japan as […]

Concert Review: All That Remains – Newport Music Hall, 11/12/2010

Sorry I’ve been away. In addition to seeing a ton of shows recently, I also found myself sicker than a dog over the weekend. Gotta Love the Death Cough. Anyhow, waaay back about 10 days ago I took the twins to see their favorite band in the world – All That Remains. Here’s my impression […]

A Bad Day For Lead Singers

Several articles on have caught my attention, and I’m noticing a theme here – all centered around the vocalists of bands. Troublemakers that they are. First up, Slash is releasing a different single from his new self-titled album, opting to go with Wolfmother’s Andrew Stockdale singing “By The Sword” over Ozzy singing a little […]

All That Remains – Newport Music Hall – 10/06/2009

Last Tuesday everyone in my family (except for my oldest Jill who was recovering from the Butthole Surfers show the night before) took in the Hard Drive Live tour featuring the twin’s favorite band, All That Remains. This turned out to be an awesome concert experience! First up was hardcore-ish act From Sword To Sunrise […]

On Tour

And when I say ‘On Tour’, I mean me, not any band in particular. At least that’s it feels like with back-to-back concerts this week. Tonight is Butthole Surfers, which should be interesting to say the least. They’re legendary & pretty much a ‘must see’ in my book (since I never have up to this […]

All That Remains/Trivium – Newport Music Hall, Columbus Ohio 10/09/08

I originally posted that this show was for my twin daughters more than me, but guess what?  I was blown away by both headliners & and support acts alike. I’m looking to listen to back catalogs now to see what else I missed.  Here are my thoughts; The Human Abstract – First band on the bill with a […]

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