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Rock N’ Resort 2009 Part II

In my last post I talked about the headliners at this year’s Rock N’ Resort music festival up in Canal Fulton, Ohio.   Out of about 40 bands for the weekend, the VAST majority are tribute acts.  Makes sense when you think about it ’cause you can fill up a classic rock stage list with acts […]

Forbes Top Earning Musicians Revealed

Wanna be depressed? Aw, c’mon, you know you do.  So had a link to an interesting article on Forbes about the top earning musicians over the past 12 months.  No. 1 is Madonna, which surprises me since no one I know gives a damn about her anymore. No. 2 is Celine Dion – color […]

Titans on the Horizon – 3 (Possibly 4) MAJOR Major Label Releases Due This Fall

My readership is a pretty Metal savy group (of course!) but in case you were not aware, there are THREE major releases in the upcoming month or so.   Four if you count Slipknot’s “All Hope is Lost” CD which dropped just yesterday.  The other biggies are; Sept. 12th – Metallica “Death Magnetic” Oct. 20th – […]

Australians Prefer to be Buried to AC/DC. Go Figure. – In the ‘Not Really News Department’, (linked to via above) is reporting that AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell’ is becoming more and more popular as a funeral anthem for Aussies. Not surprising considering that’s where the band heralds from, but kinda ballsy all the same.  Might make for an interesting conversation with St. Peter (“You played […]

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