New Dr. Pepper Commercial Featuring Gene Simmons – The third installment of the “trust me. . . I’m a doctor” commercials by Dr. Pepper will be unveiled next week, featuring “Dr. Love” himself – Gene Simmons & son Nick. Follow the link to see some preliminary photos.

Pretty cool actually, because Gene is wearing the armor and codpiece that he wore in the “Rock n Roll Over” era KISS. Y’know, back when more than half the band were original members?

Now I know many will be SHOCKED at yet another blatant display of commercialism on the part of Mr. Simmons, but I for one am not a hater. The dude is self-made, lives with a Playboy playmate and raised two decent kids despite his fame and fortune. If he wants to earn a buck or two, let him.

If the next KISS album is called ‘Calling Dr. Pepper’ however. . . I reserve the right to retract those statements.

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