Salmonella Outbreak Count Reaches 666 – The U.S. tally of salmonella victims has hit 666. Should we have a deadpool on how long before some religious wackjob takes this as a sign of an upcoming apocalypse? Other than that is, who already made the connection (as well as introduced me to the Reuter’s article in the first place).

To think it all started with a brand of peanut butter called King Nut.  Which of course is a cleverly disguised anagram for Gnu Knit. . . and we all know what that means don’t we?  Ok, it doesn’t mean anything but I was trying to cast a disparaging image on gnu’s.  Who knit.  Damn, knitter gnus.

No, I haven’t been drinking.  Perhaps that’s the problem here really.

Anyways, just watch.  SOMEBODY will take it as a sign.  But little do they know that the sign says “kick me”.

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