Pioneer FINALLY Killing Production of All Laserdisc Players

Engadget – File this under the heading of “They still made those!?”, Pioneer Electronics announced today that it is killing production of all remaining models of Laserdisc players.  No word yet on thriving 8 track & Reel-to-Reel business.

Ok, I made that last part up but seriously. . . WHO hasn’t heard about this new thingy called a DVD?  I guess with the advent of Blu-Ray (HOW many years ago?), Pioneer has finally decided to except that the Laserdisc format just isn’t going to catch on.

On a side note, I know of about 3 people who will be seriously disheartened to hear this news.  Sorry guys, your ‘awesome’ collection is finally, truly obsolete.  I’d offer you a membership form in the Betamax Owners Group but their doesn’t seem to be such a beast.

Ah well, thanks to my buddy Steve for the link.

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