Bringing a Tear to My Eye

My daughter and her boyfriend were over for dinner last night, so my wife cooked up a big meal of cheeseburger pie, mashed potatoes, salad, apple crisps and wine for all of us – including my other 2 daughters who still live at home.  Ok, no wine for the last two. 

Anyhow, as we sat enjoying the meal my oldest was updating us on her life in the house on campus she shares with her boyfriend and 2 other male friends, as well as the myriad of neighbors and friends that continuously drop by.  As you can imagine – plenty of tales to tell there.

She mentioned that one of her roommates is into ‘Doom Metal’ (her words), spending a great deal of time shut in his room recording various demos etc.   Apparently, due to the nature of his art, it is not unusual for gutteral screams and groans to echo through the house, accompanied by foundation shaking power chords and a torrent of blast beats.

On one occasion, her roommate happened to come over as she was studying (that’s her alibi, anyways) and ask if his recording was disturbing her.  She answered that he was fine, going on to explain that while she lived at home, her room was next to MY study. Thus, not only was she accustomed to such sounds emanating through the halls at all hours but in fact hearing it again made her a little . . .  homesick.

And then I almost needed a kleenex.   Ain’t it cool when you can see your own unique influence on your kids?

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2 Responses to “Bringing a Tear to My Eye”

  1. COD says:

    I’m having a real hard imaging myself ever calmly writing the phrase, my daughter, her boyfriend, and the other 2 male friends she lives with.

    Is it just me? 😉

  2. RevMortis says:

    Ah yes, well – I DID re-write that line about 10 times before it went with it. No matter how I wrote it, it sounded . . .dirty.

    In truth, the entire situation is not one that I’m fond of – but if you meet the kids, it’s not what it seems. I had a fraternity in college, this is her equivalent.

    After a lot of fretting, I have come to this conclusion. My daughter, whom I love dearly, has surrounded herself with friends she trusts, and her boyfriend whom she loves. They all protect her and help her, and they enjoy each others company immensely. Hell, they all eat dinner together – like 8 of them or something like that. It’s a modern day commune, except they all have jobs.

    Ultimately, it could be a lot worse. And most likely, these are the times of their lives they will cherish forever.

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