Trent Reznor Releases Over 400GB of HD Video Footage Via Torrent

Big happenings today for the little people. Rumors abound that Apple will be revealing several major DRM-free music licensing deals it has made for iTunes in the very near future. Read about that HERE.

Secondly, Trent Reznor released over 400GB (yes, GIGA-bites) of HD concert footage via bit torrent. His exact posting reads like this:

Your gift…

The internet is full of surprises these days.
I was contacted by a mysterious, shadowy group of subversives who SOMEHOW managed to film a substantial amount (over 400 GB!) of raw, unedited HD footage from three separate complete shows of our Lights in the Sky tour. Security must have been lacking at these shows because the quality of the footage is excellent.

If any of you could find a LINK to that footage I’ll bet some enterprising fans could assemble something pretty cool.

Oh yeah, you didn’t hear this from me.

Silly me, I thought Christmas had already passed. All I can say is WOW! The man continues to be a class act.

Gotta hard drive just begging to be filled up with this stuff?  Ok – go HERE and get the links.

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