Quality Time

Just got home from driving all over town, but it was a good day. Tabitha (my youngest daughter) accompanied me on some Christmas returns I had to take care of, so we decided to make the most of the afternoon. After taking care of the exchanges, we drove over to the Sam Ash music store as I’m trying to get my guitar fixed up again & was interested in pricing parts. Specifically I’m looking to replace the string locks on my old Charvel model 3b, which are currently stripped to the point of near uselessness.

Since we were in the area, our first stop was a quick drive-by of the Alrosa Villa – which Tabby had never seen. We drove through the empty parking lot as I showed her the patches of trees near the nightclub where notorious gunman Nathan Gale had supposedly hid before beginning his deadly rampage on the night of the Damageplan show. We also saw the stage door where he entered the venue as well as the large boulder to the front of the parking lot which to this day has roses and bottles of booze offered in respectful tribute to one of the victims of that night – Dimebag Darrell Abbott.

The place was completely empty today & a fairly depressing sight to see – especially in the light rain which was coming down in intermittent mists. A very sad memory but a genuinely legendary establishment.

Next up was Sam Ash and then Guitar Center – both stores being about 2 blocks from each other on the north side of town. Each had an amazing array of guitars, amps, keyboards and drum kits out in their showrooms. We took our time browsing around and yes, tinkering a little on some of the Korg’s & Yamaha’s on display. I didn’t dare pick up any of the guitars as I didn’t want to weep openly. . . or drool on their finish. Ok, or show how badly I suck these days.

Neither place had what I needed parts-wise & I mostly got confused looks when asking at the counter. Maybe I’m not using the current terminology or maybe not many folks replace their stringlocks. All I know is I’ll probably have to order online, which is no biggie. It was still fun to wander among the Marshall’s and dream a little. Tabitha jokingly asked me if this is what Heaven looked like. Indeed, I think it does.

As a side note, I was amused to see one thing hasn’t changed about music stores. The number of wannabe musicians who congregate in the places, cranking up on amps they have no intention of buying on guitars they will never afford, just to be heard & show off a bit. I say that with a tad amount of jealousy since I’ve never been a decent enough player to do that myself. New Year’s resolution #134 – practice the guitar so I can go be a douche-bag at Sam Ash!

Rejuvenated by being surrounded with all of that instrumentation, we returned home. It’s probably been a few years since I’ve hung out in a music store, but it won’t be a few more til’ I do it again. It Felt like coming home. Definitely a good use of the day & something I’m glad I could share with my daughter. Time well spent.

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