IMVU, or How I Wasted My Holiday Part II

imvuI don’t really like ‘chat’ proggies.  I’m basically an anti-social bastard at times & am annoyed by people pulling me into  IM sessions or trying to talk me up when I’m online gaming.  Hey, if I’m gaming then I’m in KILL mode – approach me at your own risk.  ;>

That being said, I DO get verbose when it’s the weekend & I’m home alone.  Often, rather than drink & drive, I’ll stay in.  Best to be safe, y’know? A by-product of my misspent youth is that I do still get rather social (translation – talkative) after a couple of beers.  Enter IMVU.

IMVU is another instant messanging app but with a difference; it allows you to see & interact with others.  Basically Second Life meets AIM.  And while Second Life allows for an expansive RPG-like experience, IMVU requires less of a learning curve & the ability to own a barebones area with no investment.  So for the occasional user such as myself, it’s a decent way to socialize online without too much effort.  Ok, it’s also nerDAY as all hell & may be indicative of severe social dysfunction issues, this I realize.

Regardless, this past week I went on a couple times, & had an expecially unusual encounter one night – even for IMVU.   I ended up dancing in a vampire club until 2am (my avi did, I merely watched) with some blonde vixen who was looking at me like a Doberman views a porkchop.  This was a semi-private chat room I’d stumbled into, apparently.  A rather avant one.

Not sure what was going on here but I ended up dropping off due to the computer issues I mentioned a few posts back.   Can’t help think that my avatar’s pic narrowly avoided ending up on cyber-milk cartons everywhere.

So word to the wise – like anything else, use this with caution.  Http://, if you care to check it out.  Watch out for the vamps!

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