Movie Review: Valkyrie

Just got back from the new historical drama ‘Valkyrie’ – which detailed the infamous ‘Operation Walkure’ wherein some of Hitler’s own generals attempted a military coo & assassination on his life.

No matter what your personal opinion of Tom Cruise, go see this movie.  Take your teenage kids if you have them (like I did) & let the script by Christopher McQuarrie & Nathan Alexander educate while it transfixes.   Like any film rooted in actual events, you go in knowing certain key elements but ‘Valkyrie’ still manages to grab your attention & keep you on the edge of your seat just the same.  There is however a refreshing lack of the usual Hollywood panderings to lowbrow ‘action hero’ antics, gratuitous violence or sarcastic one-liners.  Director Bryan Singer (‘House MD’) shows us that history doesn’t necessarily have to be boring by presenting a storyline that is visually terrific, simplified without ‘dumbing down’,  & allowes his ensemble cast to work their craft.

Cruise plays Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, who was instrumental in planning as well as carrying out this plot to overthrow the National Socialist control of WWII Germany.   His ability to speak without an accent yet bring believability to the character was impressive to behold.  The beginning narration, done by Cruise IN GERMAN, was enough to fool this dumb American – that I can tell you.

The rest of the cast was a producer’s wet dream, with the likes of veteran talent such as Terence Stamp, Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy (who did an especially good job of portaying the jittery Gen. Friedrich Olbricht), Eddie Izzard, Tom Wilkinson and Thomas Kretschmann all turning in outstanding performances.

The audience sat transfixed for the entire 2 hour duration of this film, rarely did anyone even speak.  Afterwards, my twins & I  talked over what we had seen – it was refreshing to see their generation take interest in events over sixty years old.

Naysayers abound for this movie, no doubt looking for Scientology sub-contexts and anti-American rhetoric.  I didn’t find it to be anything of those, instead being an interesting look at the timeperiod & political environ of Nazi Germany, showing that not everyone supported Hitler’s world view.

I’m not a huge fan of this genre but would heartily recommend you ignore the critics & go see this film for yourself.  It’s well worth the time.

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  1. COD says:

    My 14 year old has already asked about going to see it. Next weekend probably…

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