Hells Fire Sinners – Ravari Room, Columbus Ohio 12/19/08

At Comfest this year, while waiting in the beer line (WHERE ELSE WOULD I BE!?), I met a dude named aptly – Alan Dude.  He told me about his band which mixed Bluegrass, Country & Punk (!!) called the Hells Fire Sinners.   Well, since that time I’ve always meant to catch the boys in concert.  Friday they had a CD release party at the Ravari room, so I checked it out.  Here was the line-up;

The Narcota – Only second live show ever for these guys but to tell ya’ the truth, you really couldn’t tell. Good rock n’ roll with plenty of sweat & attitude. Singer Shawdalicious (it’s what the Myspace says – so I’m puttin’ it here) has some serious pipes, reminding me in a bizarre way of Nina Hagen.  Guitarists Denver & Clint jammed out while channeling some serious Angus Young.  Good bar band which will be interesting to see develop as an ensemble.

Next up was country riotgrl Lydia Loveless, who like every other band on the bill was a hybrid of multiple genres – in her case Folk, Modern Country with a smattering of hard-edged rock n’ roll attitude. Think Jewel, but pissed off and drinking beers.  Accompanied by only a drummer, Lydia sang & played acoustic guitar but don’t be fooled – she rocked it out like a 6 piece.  Almost turned the dance floor into a pit.  Very good stuff.

Following Lydia was the Psychobilly trio known as Vegas 66.  I love good surf & rockabilly, and these guys could serve it up!   Tight and well-honed musically – Jimmy, Jeremy & Rex Vegas filled the front of the stage with dancing maniacs while they took no prisoners with guitar driven tuneage reminiscent of Reverend Horton Heat or the Stray Cats.  I especially liked the vintage gear, it’s not everyday you see a ‘slap bass’ with racing flames down the side or a leopard-skin drumkit – very cool!

In the wee hours of the night, and despite a few technical problems that had plaqued the show all evening,  the Hells Fire Sinners kicked it in [Picture stolen from their Myspace].  As a metalhead, this might not be the band you would expect me to dig but I gotta tell ya’ – they have a unique sound all their own; one part mud stompin’ shitkicker, one part bluegrass harmony.  Another three piece, they consist of singer/guitarist Alan Dude, upright bassist Frank Shepherd & drummer Josh Hewitt.   Songs included ‘Psycho’ (probably my current fav), ’99’, ‘Real Men’, ‘Thick of It’, ‘Almighty Dollar’ and the classic ‘Zombie Killer’.  Hey, what other band dares to play Bluegrass, Punk AND sing about killing zombies!?  NONE, I tell ya’.   Check out the link to hear some of their stuff for yourself.

So at the end of the night, my ears ringing and my eyes bloodshot & tired, I had no regrets about this show.  As these performers tour around the region, I urge you to catch a show if you can.  You’ll not be disappointed.

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    I look forward to it! I’d like to see you guys get to play a full set. Great show!!

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