The Scenesters

Found a clever site today –  The proprietor/artist Rob Dobi does pretty nifty profiles of about 20 ‘scenesters’ ranging from Emo to my personal fav, the Black Metal Knight [Left].  Each profile has an awesome illustration (complete with a breakdown of the important apparel pieces) as well as fairly spot-on depiction of what defines each scenester – whether actual members of that scene would care to admit it or not.

Pretty hard to make out the details from my smaller version so be sure to check out the site.  I found it amusing.  Of course, I’m not a humourless fuck like some of these folks.

If you find the artwork pleasing, Rob can make YOU into a scenester for a nominal fee of $200.  This includes key details of your apparel (my infamous black leather biker jacket for example, would have to be on mine) and other defining features (tattoos, piercings etc.).

Kinda comicbook-like to me, but that’s ok – I always wanted to be a superhero.  Oh wait, I already am!!

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