Satan is Their Spokesperson

Ad Age – The Unholy Fiend (actually actor Jimmy Briscoe) has been enlisted as spokesperson in NYC for the newly renamed Prayer Channel – now called NET (New Evangelization Television).  Is it just me or was the OLD name catchier?  Eh, who cares – I don’t live there.

Anyhow, the spots are somewhat humorous, although Briscoe ultimately does come across like a bum they picked up in Central Park with offers of a case of Thunderbird and an unsoiled copy of the new Abercrombie & Fitch catalog.  Even worse is the ‘alternate’ website to NET that Satan tries to ‘subvert’ viewers to checking out (, which is nothing but a pale imitator of Burger King’s Subservient Chicken website of yore.  If you’re unfamiliar with either site let me save you some trouble; both feature their respective characters awaiting your every command – as typed in suggestions.  Problem is whereas the Subservient Chicken actually seems to react to your words, Satan seems to have no clue.  Back to that case of Thunderbird thingy I mentioned above. 

Whatever, I thought it was amusing.  Below is one of the commercials that they’re currently running on cable in the Big Apple.   It will be surprising to see if there’s a backlash due to their unusual marketing angel. . .oops, angle.

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