The End of Another Regular Season

Saturday I participated in an annual tradition here in Columbus; the televised clash with that team from up North.  It all started with some ‘Kegs & Eggs’ at my nearby Rooster’s (where upon I stuck to diet soda since it was so early in the morning) and then led to the wife & I tailgating at pretty much EVERY major party on Lane ave.  Ended the evening with some drunken sushi (hey, they had available restrooms) followed by my oldest giving us a lift home so we could watch the Oklahoma/Texas Tech debauchle through groggy eyes on the couch.

The OSU/Michigan game was a particularly nasty affair this time around (for Michigan, that is), going from somewhat of a nail-biter in the first quarter to allowing us some breathing room by the half.  Third & Fourth quarters became almost boring & I really began to feel sorry for the Michigan fans.  It sucks to see your team get blown out badly – 42 to 7 constituting pretty much a bloodbath in my book.

Even more interesting was my alma mater Purdue imposing a greater beat-down on their arch-rivals at Indiana University, a 62-10 routing that marks the last game of the last season for Coach Joe Tiller.  Say what you will about ole’ Joe, but that probably felt good for him on the way out.

So yeah, I didn’t really get much accomplished on Saturday but you gotta do that every now & again.  I payed for all my misdeeds today by taking everyone to see the movie ‘Twilight’ – more on that tomorrow after I get all that sugar-coated romancey stuff out of my veins. Pun intended.

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