Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Auctioning Off Bullet Belt on Ebay – So it would seem that the Megadeth Ebay store is auctioning off Dave Mustaine’s infamous bullet belt worn on tour & photo shoots (‘Rust in Peace’ era, I believe – maybe earlier). Check out the article for pics and a link to the auction if you wanna bid.  As of this writing, the price is at $810 and there’s still 5 more days to go.

I find it interesting that the belt is adjustable, that it had to be let in as the tour went on.  Heroin, the ultimate diet supplement.  I wonder if Mr. Mustaine is just cleaning house, needs the moolah or perhaps doesn’t want the associated memories with the belt & that time of his life anymore?  Who can tell, really?

If I had that kind of cash lying around, and perhaps a bar to display it in, I probably would bid on the thing.   I remember when I first saw it and thought “badass”.  I think he had a guitar strap like it as well, but perhaps I’m confusing two different eras of the band’s history.  Now, when I see these photos of him wearing it, it seems to me like most stuff from the 80’s does these days;  a bit cheesier than I remember.  Maybe it’s the Aquanet hair, but this doesn’t look like a band capable of decimating an audience with ‘Hangar 18’, ‘Holy War’ or my personal fav ‘Wake Up Dead’ (earlier album, I know, I know).

Well, anyhow – it will be interesting to see what it finally goes for.  Somewhere out there someone is getting a second mortgage on a double-wide. . .

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