All That Remains/Trivium – Newport Music Hall, Columbus Ohio 10/09/08

I originally posted that this show was for my twin daughters more than me, but guess what?  I was blown away by both headliners & and support acts alike. I’m looking to listen to back catalogs now to see what else I missed.  Here are my thoughts;

The Human Abstract – First band on the bill with a sound that’s hard to pigeonhole.  One part screaming hardcore, another part guitar driven progressive metal.  I think their recorded material sounds better than they did live, but that could be a sound issue more than any fault of the band.  Talented group nonetheless who I look forward to hearing more from in the future.  I liked ‘Crossing The Rubicon’ & ‘Counting Down the Days’.

36 Crazyfists – With a bit more hardcore sound came Alaska’s own 36 Crazyfists.   Reminding me of Killswitch Engage, they mix punched-in-the-gut rawness with melodic vocalizations and driving rhythms.  Heavy duty stuff, to say the least with several catchy tunes including ‘We Gave it Hell’ & “The All Night Lights”.

All That Remains – Probably my girls favorite band right now, and deservedly so.  Melodic yet heavy as hell, with muscular frontman Phil Labonte stirring the pit while the twin guitar attack of Oli Herbert & Mike Martin pummeled us all into submission.   Really good stuff.  As an aside, I hope the guys made it to the strip clubs later that night (hey, I tried to give good directions!).  Here’s the setlist from Jimcarrey363 on

  • The Air That I breathe
  • Become The Catalyst
  • This Darkened Heart
  • Two Weeks
  • Chiron
  • Not Alone
  • The Weak Willed
  • It Dwells In Me
  • Before The Damned
  • Undone
  • For Salvation
  • Six
  • This Calling

Last up was the mighty Trivium, fresh off their tour with Slayer, Mastodon & Amon Amarth.  I knew this was gonna be something different when the lights dimmed and Foreigner’s ‘Jukebox Hero’ played right before the band came out. . . and I was right.  This is one of the most ferociously talented bands in metal today, so the haters need to just chill.  Amazingly tight, with a driven sound that is polished yet powerful.  They don’t mimic other acts so much as charting their own course through the murky depths of extreme music - refreshingly brutal.  Per Jimcarrey363, here’s the setlist;

  • Kirisute Gomen
  • Becoming The Dragon
  • Insurrection
  • A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation
  • Like Light To The Flies
  • Into The Mouth Of Hell We March
  • Down From The Sky
  • Rain
  • Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr

All in all, a great show well worth checking out if they come to your neck of the woods.

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2 Responses to “All That Remains/Trivium – Newport Music Hall, Columbus Ohio 10/09/08”

  1. tabby says:

    great review dad, kudos! thanks for taking me and “lidia” to the concert. 😉

  2. RevMortis says:

    Lol. Glad you enjoyed it. I did too!

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