No More Drunk Emailing

Stealing a post idea from my buddy Chris who mentioned this on his site first before I saw it anywhere else.

Apparently, well. . . according to the Official Gmail Blog, Google is working on a Gmail app that when activated, will help prevent messages from going out in the ‘wee hours’ that you might later regret. You know the kind - where you finish off a bottle of Milagro at home and then accuse your boss of pig sodomy. Using a corporatewide email distribution list. To, y’know, point out that you don’t agree with his policy on tardiness.

With the app (insightfully called Mail Goggles), when it hits drunk o’clock, a small series of math tests intervene between you and your ‘burst of inspiration’ to insure you can (literally) put two and two together.  Presumably because a raving drunk cannot add.  It also allows for you to adjust the app’s start/end times (ramp it up on Friday and Saturday nights, i’m guessing).

Not sure how effective this would be, since some of us (not mentioning any names here) are quite proficient at math, typing or operating farm machinery while intoxicated enough to  condemn our own mother in an electronic outlet.  But if it works, I think they need to extend it to a WordPress app as well.

Although that would probably eliminate 96% of my posts. . .

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