Final Clippers Game at Cooper Stadium

I went to the final baseball game at Cooper Stadium last night, to watch the Columbus Clippers play (& get clobbered) in the third of a series against the Toledo Mudhens.  Next year, the Clippers move downtown to the new Huntington Park, across from Nationwide Arena and next door to the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion (the LC).   Basically, they’ll be smack dab in the middle of everything in their new home.

But I doubt the new field will have the look & feel of The Coop.  Now I’m not a big baseball fan by any stretch of the imagination, but something about that park – with all the pictures of players who went on to become Pirates (their first National League affiliation) or Yankees (who were affiliated for 28 years) or maybe even the Nationals (who are the current affiliation) – brings me a dizzying sense of nostalgia.   There’s a lot of history in that building & a lot of great ballplayers have walked out onto that field.  Names that even I recognize like Derek Jeter, Deion Sanders or Jorge Posada. 

And going to the Coop was always a good family night.  It was reasonably priced (last night was dime-a-dog night – beat that!) and you didn’t have to worry much about what your kids might see.  I seriously doubt I’ll be getting anywhere NEAR those prices at the new stadium & since it’s downtown, God knows what flora & fauna I’ll be parading the family through just getting to the game.

But hey, it was fun while it lasted.  I enjoyed many drunken Thirsty Thursdays & downed many chicken wings at the Coop.  Judging by the capacity crowd in attendance with me, I’d say I wasn’t the only one.  It was a brief glimpse back to the days of glory, one final time.  Where the stands were full of cheering fans and the whole city seemed to be watching, listening to this one game. 

I’m glad I was there to see it, just one more time.

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