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A while back I did a post about free online zombie games & it  continues to be a well read article to this day.  Now, being that I do love zombies, let’s look again at our restless dead friends, only this time to a small subgenre of horror metal – that of Zombie Rock.  And no, I ain’t talkin’ Rob Zombie or White Zombie (more or less same thing), I’m talking bands that live it, look it & sound of it.  In some cases, even smell of it.  Where possible, I’ve linked to each band’s Myspace page rather than their official homepage so you can easily sample a tune or two if you so desire.

First off is Zombie Girl, a Canadian Industrial side-project of scene veteran Icon of Coil (Sebastian Komor) & his partner Renee Cooper.  One part techno, one part rock n’ roll & and peppered with humorous lyrics throughout, one doesn’t feel the duo take themselves too seriously while still keeping in the spirit of their name.

If you fancy something heavier, may I recommend Japan’s Zombie Ritual, who DO seem to take themselves seriously (although they look plenty campy!). Very brutal Death Metal with many song titles with the word ‘Zombie’ in them - in case you forgot their schtick.  Kudos for a song called ‘ZomBeer’, however.

Another heavy duty entry to this list is the cleverly monikered Send More Paramedics, who mix elements of Grindcore and catchy Punk riffage into visceral concoctions all their own. The video I saw to ‘Blood Fever’ is actually quite decent – you can get to it from the Myspace page.

Fetid Zombie is a one man Deathcore project by graphic artist Mark Riddick notable not so much for the music but for the accompanying graphics. This guy has designed work for many underground acts so his stuff might look familiar. I dig it but be forewarned, ole’ Mark doesn’t appear to be much of a church-goer, if you know what I mean.

Anj is a Russian metal act that has a freaky video to the song ‘Gorbachov‘ that features a balding barbarian, big breasted honeys and – you guessed it – more zombies! They describe themselves as “Megadeth after five bottles of Russian Vodka” and will apparently be heading over here to the States for a tour sometime soon . . .

Other notable zombie acts I found were the aptly named Recently Vacated Graves, the NOT so aptly named Brazen Bull (They say it’s Viking Zombie Metal but their name sounds more like an alternative lifestyle club to me), and Zombie Apocalypse.  All heavy, with varying degrees of subtlety to their respective attacks.

Lastly, if all this zombie music has put you back into the mood to play some video games, may I recommend Zombie Grinder 60000 as my latest shoot’em up addiction.  Enjoy kiddies!

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