Dublin Irish Festival – 2008

After 11 years in Columbus, you would think I’d have attended the Dublin Irish Festival before now, wouldn’t you? But no, this was my first year – but it certainly won’t be my last! The festival (one of the largest in the country) is a sprawling 3 day affair situated in Coffman Park in the City of Dublin (Ohio) and encompassing 7 stages – some of which could house a fleet of 747’s – plus hundreds of vendors, enough food to supply every county fair in a 3 state region and a veritable ocean of beer! Yes, I was in heaven!

I was only able to attend on Sunday but started out with a traditional Irish mass (Huh, what did that guy in the robe say?), a breakfast of bangers & mashed (plus a little beef stew I stole off the wife’s plate) and eventually several mugs of Killian’s and some Irish nachos. Avoided the haggis although it was available.

No hard rocks acts to speak of (naturally) but I can recommend a high energy Irish rock group called Scythian (try saying that one after a pint or two!) who literally blew away the audience with their blend of traditional Irish music, Country & Rock n’ Roll.

Also caught a small part of Celtic/Folk singer Beth Patterson’s act as well as Bad Haggis, which features pipe player extraordinaire Eric Rigler. You know him as the defining sound of the Braveheart & Titanic themes. Yeah, THAT guy.

My oldest daughter Jill took second place in the ‘reddest Hair’ competition (should’ve nailed ‘greenest eyes’ too but what can you do) and I spent the day snooping among the merch dealers, fighting the urge to buy a kilt. Have no fear, the $150 price tag scared me off – otherwise you KNOW what the picture would’ve been for this post! Consider yourself spared, at least for now.

Anyhow, had a great time and would highly recommend anyone in the area next year to pay it a visit.

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3 Responses to “Dublin Irish Festival – 2008”

  1. COD says:

    Killians at an Irish festival? Isn’t that a lot like ordering the burger at a Chinese restaurant?

  2. RevMortis says:

    More like ordering a burger at a classy Steak joint, I think. But hey, I like Killian’s and I’m not a big Guinness fan. Plus, my choices were Coors Light, Blue Moon (which I did order one time just for giggles), Killian’s or Guinness.

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