Charlotte Musician Creating Heavy Metal CD. . . For Pre-Schoolers. – Starting ’em out young is Charlotte, NC guitarist Eric Bryant who’s in the process of recording what is billed “to be the world’s first educational heavy metal CD — for preschoolers”.  It’ll be interesting to see if this actually works but boy, I can see it now – daycares blasting out “Smoke on the Water”!   The playground at the mall - sponsored by Ibanez!  Or best yet – the HUGGIES world Tour featuring GWAR!   Ok, so I may be getting carried away again.  Follow the link, and then the link to the Charlotte Observer, for all the details about the upcoming release of “Metal for Munchkins”.

All I can say is, WHERE WAS THIS GUY WHEN MY TWINS WERE IN DIAPERS!?!  To this day, the words “I love you, you love me” give me the urge to behead passerbys with a spatula.  And people wonder where that nervous twitch came from. . .

Thank God I don’t have kids who EVER watched teleFUCKINGtubbies.

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