Type O Negative/Hatebreed – Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH 6/27/08

Hatebreed doesn’t allow pens or pencils into the audience (most likely, for very good reason) so I had to basically do this review from memory.  Right, that’s like teaching a one-legged man to rollerblade.  It can be done, but somehow you just KNOW things are missing.

First up was Columbus’ own X-Factor 1, an excellent opening act for fans of Hatebreed.  Not sure how long they’ve been around, but they played like pros.  They do a cool cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black”.  Real promising band, so check out their Myspace page HERE.

Next up were the Viking-like 3 Inches of Blood playing oldschool metal loud & heavy, just the way we like it.  I’ve seen these guys before at Ozzfest but enjoyed hearing ‘The Goatrider’s Horde’ and ‘Deadly Sinners’ again.  Bought a shirt, so that tells you all you need to know.  They cranked!

Type O Negative was next, and to me was the most disappointing part of the night.  Peter Steele looked out of it from the start and the Jager he was sipping didn’t seem to help matters.  Plus, the setlist had only 3 of their ‘hits’ – no ‘Love You to Death’, no ‘Everything Dies’, no ‘My Girlfriends’ Girlfriend’.  WTF!?  When they opened with the 12+ minute dirge ‘Prelude to Agony’, I knew we were in trouble.  The rest of the band sounded great, it just seemed to be an off night for Pete.  Others I talked to agreed – he screamed more than he sang, seemed disoriented and was basically a zombie on stage.  A shame, really.   The pic I’m using for this post came from a Flickr account HERE, where they have much better pics than mine.  Wonder if they saw a better show too?

Here’s what I recall of their set;

  • Prelude to Agony
  • Halloween in Heaven [dedicated to ‘Dimebag’ Darrell]
  • World Coming Down
  • Some Stupid Tomorrow
  • Christian Woman
  • Kill You Tonight
  • Kill All the White People
  • Black No.1
  • ???????

Hatebreed came out guns blazing as I knew they would, and never let up.  Fast, heavy and incredibly high octane, they whipped the crowd easily into a rabid whirlpool of sweat and occasionally, blood.   Even my wife (who’s somewhat neutral towards the band) had to admit they played one hell of a show.  Tabitha bought a t-shirt. 

Since they played roughly 20 songs, I can only tell you what I recognized; ‘To the Threshold’, ‘Conceived Through an Act of Violence’, ‘Destroy Everything’, ‘Before Dishonor’, ‘Defeatist’, ‘Perseverance’, ‘Tear it Down’, ‘Doomsayer’, ‘This is Now’.   That’s only half, so there were plenty more I missed.   I really need to play more of their stuff on my Iriver – they totally kick ass!

We left after the last song was played, and just in time to watch some fight break out with about 20 people.  It was time to go.  Guess it’s a good thing I didn’t have a pen – I might have had to scribble on someone.

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2 Responses to “Type O Negative/Hatebreed – Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH 6/27/08”

  1. Michelle says:

    I was there! 🙂 That fight was brutal, poor guy got his head kicked in, i was intoxicated, so i offered my help. Security flushed me out! lol

  2. RevMortis says:

    It certainly looked brutal from what I saw. Was glad to get out of there in one piece!

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