Three Cheers for Chipotle

In Mid-Ohio today from 5-8p, Chipotle was giving away a free burrito, or bowl or tacos – plus a small drink, to anyone who came thru the door. Supposedly, this was their way of saying ‘Thanks’ and to relieve customers a little from the cost of high gas prices. Ironic isn’t it – Chipotle actually RELIEVING someone’s gas?

Well, color me impressed. I was in and out in 30 minutes with a hot burrito and an icy soda. The wife and Tabitha were not so lucky at a location closer to home – costing them 2 hours of their lives. Sucks but you’ll have that when freebies are involved.

Still, as far as promotions go, this was well though-out and deftly executed. Better than a certain pizza chain’s 23 cent promotion of a few weeks back.

Kudos Chipotle! I’m even more of a loyal customer now than before.  Hope this kind of thing catches on. . . free shrimp from Red Lobster perhaps?

Ok, now I’m just being greedy.

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