Woman Sues Over Defective Thong – CNN is Dumb Enough to Cover It

CNN.com – Just when you think the American justice system can’t get any worse, check out this link. A woman is suing Victoria’s Secret because of a ‘defect’ that caused a thong she was trying on to snap and a metal piece to hit her in the eye – reportedly causing permanent damage. Design flaw, they’re saying.

Of course, we only can see the top portion of the woman’s face in this footage – why? Could it possibly be because she weighs 300 lbs and had no business trying on a thong in the first place? I should sue HER because of damage to my mind’s eye visualizing her just getting into a thong. THE HORROR! THE HORROR!!

Seriously tho, I don’t wish ‘permanent eye damage’ on anyone, but I do wish them some common sense and decent mirror. Maybe it wasn’t a design flaw, it was an ACT OF GOD! Ever think about that, slim?

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