The Joy of Dickipedia

Found the site the other day. Note the URL – it’s Dot org, not Dot com. Dickipedia Dot com takes you via redirect to Chickipedia which may get you fired if you happen to hit the ‘photo’ sections at work.  So hit’em at home like everyone else. 

But Dickipedia.ORG is a mildly amusing rip-off of the real Wiki, right down to within a lawsuit’s breathe of the layout and graphics. The difference being all entries are celebrities who have been deemed a dick by the writers of 23/6.   Most deserve it.

The individual listings are surprisingly thorough and pretty entertaining. I recommend Billy Crystal, Hugo Chavez, The Beckhams or my favorite so far – Your Mom.  HOW DID THEY KNOW?

And before you ask, no – I personally am not listed.  Yet!  Anyhow, check it out or 23/6’s site as well (think ‘The Onion’).  You’ll thank me later.

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