Spent the weekend babysitting this little demon. Don’t be fooled by that innocent look – he has claws like mini-daggers, that are magnetically attracted to soft flesh. My crotch area seems to be especially able to summon those blades – not exactly where you want deep scratches, normally.

This is my oldest daughter’s dog Dylan, or as my wife calls him our ‘Grandpuppy’.  Yeah, and that’s the closest to grand ‘anything’ I want for a long time.  He’s a cute little runt, but MAN – so much energy in such a little package.  Especially at 3am when you’re trying to get a little shuteye.

He goes back home today as Jill is returning from a weekend trip to Cleveland with her bf Josh.  I look forward to no more pee cleanups (six just this morning and yes, I did take him out every 2 hours!) and no longer seeing strange cat-dog sex rituals staged in my kitchen.

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