When Did Steve-O Go From Insane to Batshit Crazy?

If you’ve ever watched “Jackass”, either on TV or the movies, then you are damn near intimately familiar with Steve-O, the wide-eyed crazyman in Johnny Knoxville’s entourage.  It really seems there is NOTHING this man won’t try – snorting wasabi?  Shooting bottle rockets out of his ass!?  Eating rodents!?  Yep, the man is truly insane, but like a car wreck with midget clowns – you just can’t help but watch.

Now it seems his life has become less humorous, and a whole lot crazier.   Steve-O was busted back in March for a disagreement he had with a neighbor that resulted in Steve-O kicking in an apartment wall.  And the cops found cocaine back at his residence.  Ok, so that makes him typical Hollywood – “Steve-O meet Lindsay, Lindsay Steve-O.  You two have something in common.  Guess what it is?”

After checking himself into a mental hospital, Steve-O has been updating his blog and doing his best to clean up, straighten out . . . and prepare for a “vital role in the rebirth of humanity as it will exist in the fifth world, multi-dimensionally”.  That last part was a direct quote from his Blog as originally reported by Zap2it.com, but the posts have been removed now due to his fear of being ‘disrespectful’ to other’s faiths.

I’m not one to judge or kick a man when he’s down so let’s just say this; Steve-O – if you’re reading this, get better. . . AND STAY ON THOSE MEDS MAN!  All that fifth world talk will NOT help you with your court appointed officer.

That’s all I’m sayin’.

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