Denver Alien – Autopsy Not Included

Did you happen to see the interview of Stan Romanek on CNN’s Larry King live? No?? Well, Mr. Romanek (on the left) is claiming to have footage of a ‘Peeping Tom’ Alien he videotaped on July 17th, 2003 in Nebraska.

But you can’t see it, at least not yet. It’s being ‘analyzed’ – y’know, by experts. Despite the fact that it happened 5 years ago and stuff. Damn Men in Black.

And his buddy UFO-ologist Jeff Peckman (on the right) wants the city of Denver to create some sort of ‘ET Commission’ to . . .well, y’know. . .prepare for this kinda thing. . . or something. Ok, Peckman’s involvement is kinda sketchy & self-serving to say the least. But I digress.

Anyhow, it’s all the rage on Youtube now mostly because of a RE-ENACTMENT video done by debunker Matthew Baxter & co. of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society who apparently have a lot of time on their hands, and some bad puppetry skills. Not exactly sure what an admittedly faux video proves when it’s released falsely as the ‘OFFICIAL’ video’ – kinda sounds like one liar calling out another. Reminds me of this drag queen fight I once saw. . . but again, I digress.

The “real” video has yet to be released. . .on account of . . . scientists, or was that scientologists, or something. Yeah, details are sketchy again. But this whole panel on Larry King, well – it makes you glad you’re American. Ok, not really.

Best line of the whole discussion – ace reporter James Meadow of the Rocky Mountain News, who between giggles offered a great parting quote when asked by King if further exploration was needed on the matter. His response “Further probing is probably needed, Larry. I would say”. Mmmmk.

My response; Stan, take your medication. Jeff, get a job – a REAL one this time. Matt, go back to your day job at the comicbook store & quit picking on the geeky kids. CNN, shame on you for putting poor Larry in the middle of this mess & for ever giving any of these idiots the limelight. I mean, except for Larry.

Wanna check it out for youself? Click on the picture, sit through the ad and then enjoy yourself. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  1. Bryan says:


    I just want to address some of the happenings since our recreation of the “Alien” video.

    The reason for this is because of the misinformation that has happened during the past several days.

    The reasoning behind the video is not do disprove the existence of Aliens, just to give an alternate viewpoint to the people that have been a witness to the side show of “evidence” that has been released for the purposes of creating an “Extra Terrestrial Commission”.

    This is not meant as a personal attack on anyone, just as an open minded different viewpoint of the “Evidence” that has been submitted.

    Our decision to do this was made because of a few reasons. The first of these reasons is that we have been watching this supposed evidence for many years. Since the owner of the “video proof” was giving many excuses as to why he couldn’t release it to the public (copyright, Still being examined, threats, etc..), we could not publicly discuss it due to the fact that nobody had seen it, other than the limited times that they had small public showings.

    Secondly we want to let the public know that what is being called “evidence” in the case would not be able to be used in any other venue as such. This means that they are requesting public funds, resources and time for something that does not have enough evidence to stand up on its own. We feel that the money that would be used for this commission would be better used somewhere else in the city budget that could really use the money.

    The other concern is that if this passes, the reputation of the city and even the state are going to be scarred. The timing of the press-conference that was done on the 30th was timed amazingly with the early discussions of the DNC coming to the city. This would make a great way to expose the initiative nationally without much work.

    So… with that said I would like to point out that we have seen the original “video proof.” This has been misquoted and it needs to be known we have the knowledge of exactly what the footage looks like.

    The claims of the group requesting a “commission” needs to be looked very carefully. The stories of supposed Alien contact have grown over the years; however a lot of the events seem to be more “paranormal/Ghostly” in nature. There is a video of a chair in a home that moves on its own, a device that is currently being used to communicate with the dead was brought in to communicate with the Aliens (just so you know, the box does not talk to the dead either). And they have claimed that such things as “orbs” that are traditionally joined with ghostly phenomena are now proof of Aliens. (Another answer is, orbs aren’t ghosts either)

    The only hard evidence that they have is a few grainy videos of “something” -whatever that something is, is still unknown- however, calling it the proof of an Alien is not possible. If this is “Proof” of Aliens we would have to conclude that because people have supposedly captured things such as Ghosts, Bigfoot, Loch-Ness Monster, Chupacabra, and even a living Elvis we should all admit to their existence as well.

    The claims of the “experts” that have examined the evidence can also be called into question. The main reason for the claim of the “proof” that the Alien video is authentic is because “The Eye blinked, it appears to have Organic movement, and it would cost $50,000 to create the creature or the video” These claims were the first thing that we really looked at. The claim that the “Evidence” would have cost thousands of dollars is common in the world of paranormal fraud. Generally the people that look at any type of evidence are looking to prove something on what their field of knowledge is based on. For example, the video expert that has been misquoted throughout this event has never claimed that the Alien is real he has just stated that it would not have been easy to digitally produce it and keep the proper time-code data on the tape. Unfortunately the video expert has been misquoted as saying that the video is of an alien. He even went as far as calling it a “puppet” on the Larry King show.

    The reason for the recreation of the “Alien Videos” was to prove two things; first that something similar could be produced without the large budget and no Hollywood special effects. We produced everything in less than 5 hours for $90.00. Secondly, we wanted to show that because such a video could be manufactured this way that it could not be used as “proof” of anything. We did see the actual footage of Stan’s and we don’t buy it. We were told that there was no way to duplicate it. Well, sure. Not completely when you won’t let any copies of it out. We were forced to do it from memory. What if it is real? It should be indisputable and our footage won’t matter other than the fact that it brought more eyes to the situation.

    The reasons for the video not getting released have changed over time as well. The first story was that they could not release any of the “evidence” because of a book deal that they had signed, then they claimed that they had sold the rights to the History Channel, then they claimed that they could not release it because Stan was in fear of his life because of “Government threats” and now they are claiming that they cannot release it due to the requests of the “Scientists” that are analyzing the film. You would think that someone that had the skills to analyze this type of data would not take years to look over a few minutes of video tape.

    They also have made such claims as over 500 ex-top secret employees have testimony and that 57+ species of alien have been documented by our government. If this is true, why is a grainy 4 minute film the only thing that they have? And if it is this earth shattering evidence, why hold back?

    In the early days of this case, Stan claimed that the mathematical formulas and information that was being sent to him via vivid-dreams and regression therapy (and we all know how reliable that is!) were the foretelling of horrible disasters such as earthquakes and mass natural disasters. Now that the general public is getting into the conversation the Aliens are being portrayed as reasonably friendly and having technology that we need to able to use.

    The person heading this initiative is Jeff Peckman, who has had another proposal in front of the City Council. The previous endeavour would have required all city employees to have time for meditation, Soothing music piped into all city buildings and natural foods be served in cafeterias. He claimed that if this was done that people would have less stress and even went as far as to claim that it would increase the City’s income and reduce the possibility of terrorism. While this proposal sounds nice on the surface, it is really just one man trying to push his personal beliefs into law. This previous attempt never made it.

    The other business that Mr. Peckman is involved in is a supposed technology that will help reduce “EMF-Stress” by using what he is calling “Metatron-Technology” this “technology” according to him will cause a “Bubble of coherence” around you and help reduce the stress that is caused by exposure to Electro-Magnetic fields. This is another scam that is running rampant on the internet as a get rich quick tool that will scare people into purchasing a non-proven “new age” product.

    The reason for this latest political push is because Mr. Peckman saw the video of the “Alien” during two of the limited public showings of the video and it apparently scared him and had such an impact that he feels that it is necessary to get the government involved. This in itself is an interesting turn of events due to the fact that all of the parties in the Initiative claim that the Government is the one covering up the existence of the Aliens in the first place.

    With all of that said, we just want to let people know that this is not the “proof” that it is being claimed it is. Anyone with an open mind and the willingness to listen to the whole story will at least be able to form an opinion based on the facts and not just the claims of a group of people trying to push a political agenda.

    An interesting twist has happened concerning Mr. Alajandro Rojas. Mr. Rojas has been Stan’s spokesperson throughout the event and has always been a huge supporter. However, being the local representative for MUFON(Mutual U.F.O. Network), he has made the statement on the radio show Coast to Coast;
    “During the first hour, MUFON spokesperson Alejandro Rojas, reacted to Stan Romanek’s purported alien video . Rojas, who had been one of the speakers at the press conference which featured the video, explained that MUFON’s role in the event was just to support Jeff Peckman and his ballot initiative for an “Extraterrestrial Commission.” He expressed dismay at how the film was unveiled, saying “the way it was released was awful. It was a terrible idea.” He also stressed that MUFON does not have a stance on the validity of the Romanek case”

    The video that we created was placed on our website, however due to the popularity of the topic, the video has spread around the internet and because people don’t have the attention span to actually read the site that the video comes from, they jump to the conclusion that the video is the original and not a recreation. This in itself shows that, in general, people are not going to actually do any research on the subject, they will just jump to the conclusion that because they saw an “Alien” on camera and the experts say that it is real that they need to sign the petition because they are convinced that the “Evidence” that they have seen is real and credentialed.

    The initiative of Peckman’s is not about disclosure. It is about getting to take advantage of whatever technology the aliens have. Those were HIS words. How is some commission going to make that happen? If the aliens reveal themselves to us as a people, the Federal Government will swoop in faster than light and push the local yahoos right out of the way. Anyone who reads the ballot will notice that by signing it you admit to the existence of Aliens on earth, the need to take their technology and that the government has covered up the existence of Aliens.

    We are not saying that there is not the possibility of Aliens; we are just saying that this is not enough “evidence” to “prove” anything.

  2. RevMortis says:

    Bryan, thanks for the in-depth response. I hope for your sake it was cut/pasted as that would be a bear to type more than once!

    I can’t really disagree with the major points in your post. Romanek & Peckman came off as amateur charlatans at best on “Larry King”, whether deservedly or not. Unfortunately the pissing match they created may have somewhat discredited everyone involved by pure association.

    If I were in your organization, I would highlight loud & clear the intention of your re-enactment was to expose fraud, not to be deceptive itself. A running script across the bottom saying ‘re-enactment – see disclaimer’ or something along those lines would help if not already on your version of the video. Then demand Youtube remove the unscripted versions.

    CNN did label your video a re-enactment, but the motivation & tactics were unclear – leaving us the viewing public to draw our own conclusions. A battle over 15 minutes of fame seemed a more likely cause than seeking truth or exposing hidden agendas.

    Ultimately, if Stan Romanek wants any chance of credibility – the video must be freely available for consumption. Selling it first, whether by public presentation or on DVD, only brings back memories of ‘Alien Autopsy’ and several Geraldo Riviera specials, insinuating that money is the only real motivation behind this endeavor. If he does have the real deal, then let it speak for itself.

    Thanks again for weighing in and please feel free to keep us posted on future developments.

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