Goodbye Banners! Hello RSS Feeds!!

Ok, I just spent the better part of my evening trying to figure out why my RSS category feeds don’t work.  Long story short – it appears that my permalink structure was blowing everything up.  So I went with the ‘default’ (ugly) setting.  Seems to be working FINALLY. 

 And you may also notice that the Godaddy banners are gone.  Yep, I finally anteed up and am paying for my server now.  Just like the big boys. 

 I’m sure other stuff is broken but that’s all I’m doing for tonight.  This thinkin’ stuff is hard work. . .

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7 Responses to “Goodbye Banners! Hello RSS Feeds!!”

  1. MrRudy says:


    I can’t add your feed to Feedburner. How I do this?

  2. RevMortis says:

    I have 2 feeds currently at Feedburner as follows;

    Main Feed

    Comments Feed

    If you subscibe to those, you should be able to get everything. Let me know if you still have trouble.


  3. MrRobby says:


    I want see AlexaRank of your site and buy links. How I do this?

  4. RevMortis says:

    This site is not currently ranked by Alexa.

    Any requests can be submitted to ‘’ where it would be useful to include specific information regarding what you have in mind.


  5. RKirk says:

    DE Blog

    Wieviel kostet es, um eine Fahne auf deinem blog zu entfalten?

  6. RevMortis says:

    Bitte email „“, auf englisch, mit irgendwelchen Fahne Anträgen

  7. RevMortis says:

    If you’re about to put a spam message here, save your strength. I’ve turned off comments to unregistered users.

    Now go get a life. . . seriously.

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