Harvard Researchers Debunk Violent Video Game Myth

Yahoo has an interesting article about the release of a new book from two Harvard researchers entitled “Grand Theft Childhood: The Surprising Truth About Violent Videogames and What Parents Can Do”. In a nutshell, by talking (yes, TALKING) to over 1,200 middle school students over a period of 2 years, the authors found no evidence that links a “causal relationship between violent video games and violent behavior”.

In fact they go so far as to further assert my favorite point, that their study is “suggesting the possibility that the kids attracted to mature-rated games were naturally aggressive to begin with”. Ya’ think?

Now let’s take this a step further – can’t we also correlate that this information would also apply to other favorite ‘Pariah Passtimes’ of the media such as, I dunno, maybe heavy metal music, violent horror movies or Dungeons & Dragons? I think we can.

It all goes back to the parents & having decent parenting skills, I tell ya’. Don’t believe me? Meet my kids sometime and see how well adjusted & normal they are compared to my kooky ass. That should be a Harvard study all it’s own.

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