Hooves – Footwear for Trendy Metalheads

Ever heard of Hooves Footwear? Me neither until I stumbled across their somewhat annoying site at http://www.hoovesarmy.com. Apparently, music producer Nick Raskulinecz and a ‘friend’ decided there were no shoes that “screamed metal” and created this company with the support of Gravis footwear. And basically stole Celtic Frost’s logo to boot [no pun] . . . but I digress.

Ok, interesting idea on paper but really, who ever heard of putting up a site to take orders without a SINGLE, DECENT PHOTO OF THE PRODUCT?? Seriously, TRY and find a picture other then in the murky, Marilyn Manson-esque Flash when the site loads. . .nuh uh, can’t be done. And I have no idea what “The Beast” is gonna cost when it ships either, but I’m thinkin’ it won’t be cheap. Gonna be a tough sell if customers can’t make out what they’re ordering.

These trivialities aside, it comes out June 1 in a very limited number. So pre-order now if you’re interested kiddies. . .and you don’t really care what it looks like. I’m sure the mallrats will still swarm all over it.

Me, I think I’ll stick with my riding boots . . .

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