Re: The 300 Movies You Must See Before You Die!

Maxim Cover with the Goddess Elisha CuthbertMaxim magazine online has an article with the aforementioned title – not that they’re ones to be overdramatic or anything. A quick glance thru the list puts me at 128 out of 300 – which is probably a failing score but I like to think of it as being almost halfway done. That is if I were to truly take their list as gospel and go in search of the other 172 films. Which I probably won’t.

I scored heavily in the Horror & Sci/Fi sections (only missing 1 movie from each – go figure, eh?) but was blasted in the Crime and Western areas. . . on account of I never watch Cop or Western movies. Unless they have zombies, in which case maybe.

But the list is intrinsicly flawed in that ‘Heavy Metal’, ‘Excalibur’ & ‘Wizards’ are not on it. Nor are any porno’s. So you just KNOW it’s not a definitive list.

If you want to check it out yourself, go HERE. Or better yet, go buy a copy ya’ cheap bastards. It’s got an interview with Elisha Cuthbert and previews of the upcoming ‘X-files’ movie too. There, now I just gave’em a free plug.

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