Happy Birthday, Rim of Hell !

Yep, one year ago today I posted my first entry – a review of the Dimmu Borgir show I’d just witnessed up in Cleveland.   Only posted one more time that month, and only 3 times a month for the next two months.  Let’s just say I was slow to get started.

A year later, I’m averaging about 666 absolute unique visitors a month – more if I say ANYTHING about Motley Crue.  I totally did NOT make that number up either, it’s straight out of Google analytics.  By internet standards, that’s a paultry amount but to me – it’s COOL!  Hell, I can go thru entire weeks without a single person listening to me (including family) so this is a big step up in my book.

Still don’t really have a ‘purpose’ behind this site other than to vent when I want to, wax nostalgic if feeling the need, and hopefully to open up a bit of discussion here and there.  I do tend to talk about Heavy Metal as that’s one of my life’s passions but I don’t intend this to be solely a ‘metal site’.  Unless I get sponsors, in which case it’ll be all metal, all the time.  Just kidding.  Unless you’re an interested investor, then let’s talk.  Call me.

Anyways, thanks for being one of the elite few who stop by.   Who knows, maybe in another year I’ll have figured out how to keep my line spacing consistent throughout an entire post.   But I wouldn’t count on it.

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  1. COD says:

    Happy birthday, from one of few, the proud, the Rim of Hell regulars.

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