Therion Faces Major Shake-up

I just noticed a little tidbit in Metal news that was actually posted back on the 18th – Therion has decided to effectively split-up. Founder/guitarist/vocalist Christofer Johnsson is the only remaining permanent member while the other three – guitarist Kristian Niemann, Bassist Johan Niemann & drummer Petter Karlsson have all opted to part amicably and move on to solo projects. You can read the whole story at their official website (but not in IE, so be forewarned) HERE.

To those unfamiliar with the group, they are THE quintessential Symphonic Metal metal band that boasts operatic vocals, complex orchestrations and often cryptic lyrics (usually about the occult or mythology).

While I’m glad that Therion will still exist as a band after Christofer ONCE AGAIN recruits more members, this line-up is the one I’d seen live and had brought me into the fold. Extremely talented musicians, Therion is known for playing varied setlists from night to night (I got to hear their note-on cover of Mercyful Fates’ “Black Funeral”) and sporting 5 backing vocalists so they can capture their “Mormon Tabernacle Choir from Hell” sound that no other band can come close to without resorting to tape.

I know their North American tours had not been all that successful (poor marketing, in my opinion) and the odds of seeing them again were much better if I was willing to fly overseas. Still, it’ll be a LONG while until anyone sees them live now and basically an impressive era has ended for the band.

Sorry to hear the news. That’s all.

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