Hey, It’s 4:19. Got a Minute?

So I had a ‘cyber-doobie’ texted (or passed if you will) to me on my cellphone this morning by a zealous buddy. I had forgotten it was 4-20 today – the unofficial ‘official pot smoker’s day’. Yeah, I’m getting old so my priorities have changed to stuff like . . .I dunno, bills & fixing garage doors & what the penalities are for taking out a hit on a neighbor’s cat. All elements of my larger-than-life daily existence.

But do you know where this ‘4-20’ stuff originally came from? I mean, do you REALLY know? Let me give you a hint; if you think it’s because of Hitler’s Birthday (which is the correct date) – you’d be wrong. What kind of potsmokers celebrate Hitler. . .really?

Think it’s an anniversary of the Columbine shootings or Oklahoma City Bombing – you’d still be wrong. Although technically it IS the anniversary of Columbine, Oklahoma was April 19th. And the 420 tradition is older than either of those events.

Nor is 4:20 the tea-time of people in Holland, the number of chemicals in marijuana, or the police code for getting busted with pot. And it’s not Bob Marley’s birthday either (which was my wife’s theory). He was born Feb. 6, 1945. And before you say it, he died on May 11, 1981 – so it’s not the anniversary of his death either.

So how did it start? With a group of students from San Rafael High School back in 1971, who would meet at 4:20pm to ‘burn one’ in front of the statue of Louis Pasteur. ‘420’ became code for their meetings so they could discuss in front of their unknowing parents. This I learned from an interesting, albeit preachy, article at About.com, who in turn quote information from one Steven Hager, editor of High Times magazine. Click the link to read the whole post.

I’d say High Times would be a fairly reputable source for the true meaning of ‘420’, wouldn’t you? And don’t feel bad if you didn’t know, hardly anyone does. Including me, but then as mentioned, I’m far too busy being a rockstar.

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