Saw the zanyness known as Ludo again last night. This time, I took my wife since she enjoys the song ‘Love Me Dead’ and had never seen the guys live. It was a fun show, as expected. Small turn-out at the venue but what they lacked in numbers they made up in enthusiasm. If you ever have the chance to see Ludo live, and don’t mind some Nerd Rock – definitely do so. They’re a trip!

I also bought their new CD while I was there and am happy to see it has more ‘unusual’ song titles as we’ve come to expect. My favs so far are the aforementioned ‘Love Me Dead’ as well as ‘Drunken Lament’, ‘Lake Pontchartrain’ (a little ditty about a carniverous lake) and the theme song to my marriage – ‘The Horror of Our Love’. Check out a sample of these lyrics;

“I want you stuffed into my mouth
Hold you down and tear you open, live inside you – love,
I’d never hurt you
But I’ll grind against your bones until our marrows mix
I will eat you slowly . . . ”

Almost sounds like something Six Feet Under would play, doesn’t it? But no, it’s recorded by a band looking like a Lambda Lambda Lambda reunion. You can check’em out on their Myspace Page.

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