Motley Crue’s Announcement Tomorrow. Judgement Day for Music Fans?

Motley Crue is expected to make a major announcement tomorrow April 15th at 4pm PST – that’s 7pm to those of us in Hell. Yes, Hell is on Eastern Standard Time. See, you learn something new here every day!

Anyways, the ‘major’ announcement is heavily, heavily rumored to be a tour (Cruefest)and the fact that the band will be the next 360-deal (also called a ‘Multiple Rights’ deal) for Live Nation Artists, alongside the likes of Madonna and most likely U2 and Jay-Z.

Oh goodie – the Crue’s gonna get more money, Live Nation is going to get more powerful and we as fans are gonna foot the bill for both. Yee-Haw!

Watch these developments closely kiddies because they’re the polar opposite of what Trent Reznor/Radiohead are trying to do. As I see it, Reznor is working to find a way to minimize the involvement of corporate sponsorship in the distribution and development of his work. On the other hand, a 360-deal (for the uninitiated), involves a band signing over a percentage of future earnings (not just music sales, mind you) for expanded support, cross marketing and upfront monies enabling it to be cast more in the light of a marketable product instead of solely a musical entity. The end effect making the relationship of the label & artist that much more closely intertwined, the band essentially a joint-venture for both parties. Supposedly, it allows newer acts time to mature and progress into major players versus the Top 40 hit today, gone tomorrow mentality of churn & burn record sales. And for a more established act like the Crue, it means less reliance on record sales and more of an opportunity to exploit a dedicated fanbase. In advertising, they use the term ‘branding’ but it sure smells of selling out to me.

Hey, far be it for me to criticize anyone for trying to make more money off of their own work, but isn’t this like letting the merchants sell in the temples? Are we to believe that no ‘suit’s will be in the studios, or orchestrating the live shows, choosing venues & playlists? I mean, more than they already are? I think not. I can’t help but sense an impending dark cloud of squashed creativity, artistic sameness and general lack of substance as more and more fledgling acts sign away their souls for greater runway space in which to launch their respective careers.

The NY Times did a great article on this subject back in November – check it out HERE (unless they get squirrely and make you sign in first. The link worked for me.)

In short, if you’re a fan of end of the world movies like I am, you could consider tomorrow’s announcement akin to another sign of the impending musical Apocalypse – another foreshadowing of Judgement Day.

And me, I’m just Linda Hamilton going around acting crazy and talking about killer robots.

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