This Will Probably Be Engraved On My Tombstone

Thanks to, a few days ago I was led to a story in the Daily Mail about a drunken tycoon who was arrested after fleeing the scene of a car crash. Problem is, the suspect – one Mr. William Bianchi – was found wearing black bodypaint and dressed like a gladiator. And then it gets strange. Click on the link above to read the whole story. Really, I’m not doing it justice.

To me, what was especially ‘priceless’ about the whole incident was a quote from Bianchi himself. A quote that rings true to many nights in my own life and will probably end up my epitaph, forever chiseled into marble above my decaying remains.

“I remember having a few drinks. I remember having a good time. But I don’t remember anything between the party and leaving the hospital.”

That my friends, is the very definition of a ‘good time’. Well done Mr. Bianchi. Very well done.

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