Karras – The Band That Needs to Tour America.

KarrasWhat if Hatebreed had 3 smoking hot chicks playing all the instruments while one LUCKY SON-OF-A-BITCH growled the words? Gentlemen, I give you Karras.

Never heard of ’em? Me neither until I found their Myspace page completely by accident. Yeah yeah, they’re all the way over in Berlin – so I’m saving for airfare starting tomorrow.

Am I falling for their blatant attempt to use sexuality to sell their music – YES I AM!  Listen to the songs, watch the videos. You’ll see what I mean. It’s fairly standard screamcore but what eyecandy! Guitarist Ela wears thongs underneath her camo pants, while sporting that pouty “I won’t hurt you too badly” look in every pic. Corinna looks a bit more exotic and seems tall – climbing gear anyone? And Sabine looks like more of a girl-next-door type but also appears craziest of the three in the live pics. She’s a drummer, doesn’t ‘crazy’ pretty much come with the territory?

Ladies – you need to tour the States, and you need to tour Ohio. I have a living room. The wife will understand. So will the kids.

And if not, I’m out on the street and I’ll roadie for you guys. Sponge baths anyone (Gals only – sorry Devrim!).  Anyhow, that address again if you missed the link above is http://www.myspace.com/karrasberlin.

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