But These Go to 11. . .

Wasn’t gonna post today. . . had to visit a couple friends at Hooters.  Yeah, it’s tough to be me.

But on returning home, I found myself watching VH-1 Classic as they showed the umpteenth re-run of “This is Spinal Tap”.  God damn, I love that movie!  It’s quite simply a brilliant piece of cinematography that you either get, or you don’t.   But if you do – you REALLY are into it.

For you kids out there, it’s a fake rock-umentary hosted by director Marty DiBergi (Rob Reiner) about an aging British rock band (brilliantly portrayed by Michael Mckean, Christopher Guest, and Harry Shearer) and their misadventurers on a fateful (some would say cursed) US tour.   Written by all four of the actors, the film is nothing short of comedic masterpiece.

The ‘in’ jokes are numerous and subtle – it bears repeat viewings even after all these years.   And the classic scenes – as the title of this post suggests – are legendary.  Understated humor which crosses over into flat out parody without ‘dumbing down’ to it’s audience.  If you haven’t seen the movie, go rent it or buy the damn thing from Amazon [you could use a little link that a certain blog has on it’s lefthand side, to save you some trouble – hint hint].

Back in 2001, the ‘Tap launched a brief 9 city tour (a REAL tour, not a movie) which I was lucky enough to see in San Francisco at the time.  They even opened for themselves;  McKean, Guest and Shearer came out as a classic folk rock act ‘the Folksmen’ and did a set - most notably by performing a bare bones but well harmonized version of the Stones ‘Start Me Up’, done as only a beatnik tribute band could cover it .  Then, as Spinal Tap, they returned to the stage (and sold-out crowd) and played one of the greatest concerts I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.   Good times.

So, have you seen the movie and think you really know it?  I challenge anyone to recall where each of these actors appeared (or what character they portrayed) in the film;  Ed Begley Jr. , Fran Drescher, Patrick Macnee, Paul Shaffer, Fred Willard, Howard Hesseman – ok, THOSE are the obvious ones.  How about Billy Crystal, Paul Shortino (lead singer of Rough Cutt), Anjelica Houston, Brinke Stevens (scream queen) or BLACKIE LAWLESS !?  

Did you even know Blackie Lawless was in the damn movie??  Me neither.  Thanks IMDB.com. 

Now I’ll have to go watch it again.

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